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Ice boom likely to stay in place at least until Sunday

The ice boom will likely remain intact near the mouth of the Niagara River at least for a few more days, the International Joint Commission said.

There's still too much ice on Lake Erie to begin removal of the apparatus, put in to limit the amount of ice the flows down the river, the commission said.

Its removal is considered an annual sign of spring in Western New York.

According to regulations, all floating sections of the ice boom must be removed by April 1 unless there is more than 250 square miles of ice on eastern Lake Erie, the commission said. Measurements on March 25 revealed roughly 976 square miles of ice in the area, which is considered to be east of a line between Long Point, Ont., and Erie, Pa., according to the commission.

Authorities will continue to monitor ice cover, as warmer weather is predicted.

Here's when ice boom removal started in the last several years:

  • 2014 – April 29
  • 2015 – April 20
  • 2016 – March 8
  • 2017 – March 6

The latest in the spring the ice boom removal has ever begun was May 3, 1971, according to the IJC.

Delayed arrival of springlike weather could persist deep into April

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