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Cuomo personally bails out reporter arrested for talking on cellphone

ALBANY – Just when you thought Albany could not get any weirder ...

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who rarely has a nice word for the media, leapt into action Wednesday to spring a New York Daily News reporter who had been arrested by state troopers for using a cellphone in an area outside the state Senate chamber where telephone calls are banned.

Charges were not leveled by Senate officials against Ken Lovett, the tabloid’s Albany bureau chief.

Cuomo went with his top aides to a State Police station in an underground concourse near the Capitol not long after Lovett, in handcuffs, was taken from the Capitol.

“Freedom of the press is alive and well in Albany,’’ Cuomo told reporters after he showed up at the facility and asked that Lovett be released.

Senate spokesman Scott Reif said Lovett was asked to comply with rules banning cellphone use in the lobby of the Senate chamber. “He refused and the State Police were notified. The incident escalated quickly and unfortunately he was detained by the State Police. We formally requested that he be released immediately and very much regret the incident,’’ Reif said in a statement this afternoon.

Lovett did not have an immediate comment.

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