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Letter: There are many good reasons to reject Peace Bridge proposal

There are many good reasons to reject Peace Bridge proposal

The Peace Bridge is not going away.

The river and lake are here to stay, downwind of the Peace Bridge, where prevailing winds continue to blow toxic diesel exhaust into our community and city. Ultra fine diesel particles are linked to high rates of asthma, cancer, leukemia, heart disease, Parkinson’s and other diseases, premature births and more. None of these scientific finds are going away.

The famous Niagara River is not going away and the wind direction is here to stay.

Progress and profit should not come at the expense of people, environment, health and history.

To say, “The Peace Bridge expansions has been stalled without good reason” proves memories have forgotten why the projects have been rejected all these years.

When is the political establishment going to stop selling this need for expanded Peace Bridge projects?

With millions of dollars earmarked, an opportunity is here again for our region to build a more updated and efficient state-of-the-art intermodal transportation corridor. Smart growth!

Consolidate all of the bridges and bridge authorities, and eliminate the competition between them all fighting for their own revenues.

A responsible solution to health issues encompassing the landlocked, densely populated community near the Peace Bridge is to move the trucks to a more efficient location up the river with all the same benefits without the devastating impacts.

We do not need any more transportation errors throughout our regions.

Carole Perla


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