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Letter: President is a real genius regarding ability to tell lies

President is a real genius regarding ability to tell lies

Examination of various descriptions of genius provides such characteristics as exceptional ability, extraordinary achievement and rarity. Traditionally, geniuses are associated with scientists, artists and inventors, among others of similar ilk. But in reality, those labeled genius span the breadth of human endeavor.

I see President Trump among them; actually, so does Trump, rather emphatically. But what does he qualify under: statesman, entrepreneur, visionary? Ha! Trump’s specialty is liar. Yes, liar; one who makes “untrue statements with intent to deceive.” (Who said genius is reserved for those of noble pursuits?)

Trump demonstrates an uncanny ability to maintain total seriousness and unyielding conviction for his dubious claims, without hint of remorse or shame. Even when the target of the lie can be seriously impinged, whether president, war hero or ethnic group, he remains unwavering. When challenged with verifiable proof, he simply ups the absurdity.

Since the inauguration, Trump has amassed over 2,000 verifiable lies, including some head-shaking-in-disbelief zingers.

Despite this performance, his legions remain steadfast; millions actually believe him. (Note: Trump’s just released 2019 budget document makes a farce of the now bogus campaign promises he made to those people.)

Trump even has the rare ability to share his “gift” among those around him; for starters, the Republican Congress. As the New York Times reported, his attorneys argue against Trump being interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller, lest his perpetual lying trigger a perjury charge.

Citizens take heed. Geniuses have the ability to change the world. Think Isaac Newton or Thomas Edison. Also consider that a president’s careless words can crash markets or create international crises. Then realize that Trump, the Albert Einstein of exaggeration, the Enrico Fermi of fabrication, and the Leonardo da Vinci of delusion, is our unremitting, lying president.

To rephrase some notable lyrics: “Let me take you down to Trump’s world, where nothing is real and everything is something to get hung about.”

Thomas Golaszewski, Ed.D.

East Amherst

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