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Letter: Editorial misses a key point about church’s celibacy rule

Editorial misses a key point about church’s celibacy rule

“It is always uncomfortable to question the doctrine of any religion.” I commend The News for expressing its discomfort, but it did not deter the editorial writers from wading in where they have no competence. It’s one thing to criticize the Catholic Church’s crisis management techniques, which have surely been flawed in some places. It’s quite another thing to question its doctrines, which have guided the faithful from the time of its founding by Jesus Christ.

Having said this, I nevertheless wish to question a doctrine the editorial board enunciated as follows: “Sexual abstinence is not natural to human beings.” Any “sentient” person can see the awful consequences of this doctrine in today’s culture.

The Catholic Church teaches with divine authority that abstinence from sexual relations is required of all persons except for a man and a woman living in a valid marriage. This teaching is in accord with nature and directed to the good order of society. Do I need to recount the terrible disorders that have resulted from ignoring this basic truth?

Finally, let me point out that not just Catholic priests but all the faithful are called to embrace the virtue of chastity for their own good and the good of society. Chastity is surely a struggle for most because its goal is mastery of one’s carnal desires. Yet struggle we must, for the good order of society and our eternal salvation depend on it.

Deacon Richard W. Parker


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