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Letter: Consider health of residents living near the Peace Bridge

Consider health of residents living near the Peace Bridge

The man behind the curtain has no clothes.

The Peace Bridge Comet is again visible. As always, elected officials on both sides of the aisle support “improvements” to the existing plaza that, incidentally, may also include nearby land parcels.

The plan is finally taking shape. After decades of engineered blight, overt failure and covert action, this international crossing will finally rank among the best: with a world-class duty-free shop, public art (when was the last time you attended an art opening at a truck plaza?) and LED lighting.

Pay no attention to this perennial “happy talk.” The expansion plan for a new bridge and plaza proposed over a decade ago failed for an elemental reason: It could not satisfy state and federal environmental requirements!

The only sane, sensible, safe, approach to Peace Bridge “expansion” must involve mitigation of the deadly health threat to the historic neighborhood and environs.

At best (and most obvious), commercial traffic here must be relocated. The real effect of diesel exhaust emissions is only now being discovered. Recent studies show diesel ultrafine particulate matter (which is not even regulated – think about that) affects every bodily organ, including the brain.

We are residents of the Prospect Hill Historic (Peace Bridge) District. One of us has COPD, the other COPD and metastatic cancer. We are but one household.

Until the public at large joins this threatened neighborhood’s residents in advancing these universal environmental principles, the avarice and ignorance that fuels Peace Bridge politics will advance unabated, forever leaving innocent victims sick and dying in its wake.

Why: “Because it’s there”? Please!

We are aged and infirm. We have already done more than our share to preserve our heritage and make our world safe. What will you do?

Peterjoe and Joanne Certo


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