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Beane: Bills would give up '19 first-rounder 'if it makes us a lot better'

ORLANDO, Fla. – When it comes to positioning themselves to get a player they covet in next month's NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills haven't ruled out anything.

That, according to General Manager Brandon Beane, includes the possibility of giving up a first-round pick in 2019.

"If it makes  us a lot better and if it's a player that would be worthy of that, yes," Beane told a group of Western New York reporters Monday at the league's annual meeting. "We'll do anything we can to make our roster better. And I'm not locked in that I would or I wouldn't. It would have to make sense and it would have to be a player that we really felt strongly about to do that."

It is widely presumed the Bills suffered a setback after the New York Jets traded with the Indianapolis Colts to move up from the sixth to the third overall choice. The Jets are believed to be targeting a quarterback, and their maneuver was seen by many as trumping the Bills' deal with the Cincinnati that moved them from No. 21 to the 12th spot.

Beane said he wasn't surprised by what the Jets did.

"Nothing in this league really surprises me," he said. "There's so many moving parts in this league. That was a deal the Jets thought was good for them and the Colts did and that's what you want. If you're making a trade, you want a win-win and it sounds like both teams are happy."

The GM also dismissed the notion the Bills were negatively impacted by the Jets-Colts trade.

"I can't worry about what the Jets or any other team do," Beane said. "I'm just focused on the Bills and what we can do. We're very happy at 12. There were some guys that I knew were not going to fall to 21 that I think we've got a legit shot at at 12. Who knows what will happen? But right now that's what we're focused on, is 12.

"I don't think three would be available if we were ever going to move up. I'm sure the Jets are happy there. Again, we're just focused on 12. I don't know the motivation for their move. You'd have to ask them, but our focus is on 12 right now and all the other picks that we have, we're excited for what we're going to be able to get done."

Beane also addressed speculation that the Bills' could pull off two trades to move into the top of the draft.

"That is complex because you would have to have an agreement in place with both (teams) in order to do something like that," Beane said. "You never say never. If you trade to say, No. 7, what if you get stuck there? Then what are you doing? What did you give up to do that? So you would have to know and have something prearranged to be able to do that. I'll always listen and be open to anything. I know everybody is assuming we trade up. We could always go the other way, too, if it made sense for us."

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