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Letter: Stop pandering to NRA and listen to Americans

Stop pandering to NRA and listen to Americans

In all the efforts directed at gun safety legislation, finally, because of the Parkland, Fla., school massacre, one glaring omission strikes me. That is that while school safety is paramount and the young people from Parkland are eloquently pushing for gun control legislation, these deadly assaults occur where large numbers of people are gathered. In addition to schools, they have happened at churches, concerts, a movie theater and a nightclub, to name a few.

The common denominator is a murderous male armed with assault weapons, determined to kill as many vulnerable victims as possible. So must we “harden” all our gatherings? Must we live in armed enclaves?

This assumes we can affect this, and we can’t. It means that we, and our children, are forced to live our lives, fearful that we might be the next unsuspecting victims.

Legislators must stop pandering to the NRA and follow the will of their constituents, most of whom agree that we must outlaw assault weapons for private citizens. They belong only in the hands of the military and law enforcement. We must make background checks mandatory, meaning you don’t get to possess any gun until you actually pass a thorough background check. We must heed the voices of all the victims and the survivors of mass shootings who beg that what they’ve endured does not keep happening.

Lucia Leone Sleight


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