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Letter: Stop mistreating animals for circus ‘entertainment’

Stop mistreating animals for circus ‘entertainment’

Upon viewing the picture page in the March 16 News, I was saddened and disappointed to see the picture of a dazed-looking tiger being forced to jump through a ring of fire. I was sad to realize that the Shrine Circus has not abandoned this cruel and archaic practice, and disappointed that The News would choose to publish such a picture, as well as that of an elephant, one of the noblest and intelligent of creatures, wearing that ridiculous headdress.

I call upon the Shriners to follow the lead of Cirque du Soleil and other cruelty-free circuses to support their very worthy cause of funding for their hospitals. And I call upon The News to no longer give tacit approval to the use of these magnificent animals for so-called entertainment by publishing these very distressing pictures.

Ilsa Cooper


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