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Letter: Sell bishop’s mansion to help care for victims

Sell bishop’s mansion to help care for victims

I commend Buffalo Catholic Bishop Richard Malone on his desire to help those who were victimized by some of our priests. He stated that none of the money to be used by the diocese for payments to compensate them or to help with therapeutic services would come from donations to Upon this Rock or Catholic Charities. Rather, the finances would come from the diocesan insurance plan – thereby not using parishioners’ donations or collections at their local churches. However, the money that allows the diocese to have such an insurance policy actually does come from the parishioners at some point through the years. It didn’t come “from heaven,” fall off a tree or appear magically.

So one of the possible plans is to sell diocesan property – maybe rectories, convents or schools that have been closed. I think it should start with selling the bishop’s mansion. That would show how much he really is concerned about the pain and the heartache in the victims’ lives. His sacrifice would be a wonderful example of being ready to “suffer” his own discomfort, his own adjustment.

True leaders give by example – not just by words. Hopefully Malone will take the example of Pope Francis and of Jesus himself and painfully live out the gospel message, which isn’t always easy or convenient.

The Rev. Roy Herberger


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