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Letter: Republicans in Congress blindly follow president

Republicans in Congress blindly follow president

Now that President Trump has concluded his “listening” sessions about gun control, we realize the whole charade was put on to make some people think he was serious about the problem of guns in America. There was simply no chance that this flawed megalomaniac was going to demonstrate any leadership on the issue. Especially not when the National Rifle Association reportedly spent $29 million in 2016 to support his campaign and defeat his opponent.

Trump’s proposal was to arm teachers. Not surprisingly, the NRA loves this idea. Have the president and his lapdogs in Congress lost their minds? No, what’s really happened is they got their huge tax plan through Congress and they’re enjoying their newfound millions. Since that bill became law, the extremists in Washington have sat back and ignored the nation’s pressing problems. They’re sitting back fat and happy while the middle class is supposed to be grateful for the few dollars in tax relief we’ll receive this year. Fellow citizens, I hope you don’t sell your souls for a few dollars!

Another of Trump’s proposals was to deal with the mental health issues of the shooters. What a hypocrite. Trump’s budget proposals cut funding for the National Institute of Mental Health by 30 percent!

It’s clear that the majority of the citizenry believes that we need stronger background checks and a federal ban on military assault-type weapons. It’s even more clear that this will never happen with the current crop of millionaire do-nothings we have in Congress.

Our spineless congressman, Chris Collins, simply parrots whatever Trump has said. He must be too busy investing his newfound millions to care about the country’s problems. If we have any chance of seeing progress on some of these issues, we must get rid of arrogant millionaires like Collins and elect people who will actually work for our interests.

Robert C. Mauger

East Aurora

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