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Letter: School safety, like teaching, should be handled by pros

School safety, like teaching, should be handled by pros

There is a logical debate regarding safety in schools after far too many shootings. One is the suggestion to arm teachers in the classroom. I have two children who are teachers, so this debate is significant and personal.

I agree that having people in schools who are armed has to be seriously considered, but who should be armed? They should ask teachers if they want to carry a firearm in their classroom; my guess is the overwhelming would say no. My suggestion is to have people armed, who are proficient and trained in handling firearms, such as former military, police officers either working part time or retired, or contracting a security firm. Just accept that armed security has to be part of a school district budget, and hope school districts would be reimbursed by either the state or federal governments.

School safety should be handled by professionals, just as education is. If a shooter attacks a school and you have a child or grandchild there, who do you want to confront the shooter – ex-military, a police officer or the English teacher? For me it’s a no-brainer.

Don Grosso


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