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Letter: Gun rights, like other rights, should be controlled by laws

Gun rights, like other rights, should be controlled by laws

We have many rights in this country. We have the right to free speech. There are some laws that regulate our right to free speech. You cannot yell fire in a crowded theatre and endanger the welfare of others. You can not slander persons.

You may drive a car, with a license and insurance, and that right will be taken away from you if you do not adhere to the rules of the road, or if your actions injure someone. In fact you carry insurance to make the other person whole to compensate them for your cause of injury.

You have the right to vote. The law says you must establish a residence and only vote there even if you own multiple dwellings. The law says you must be of a certain age. You may be required to reside in the voting district for a certain amount of time before being eligible to vote.

Want to get married? Laws apply. Raising children? Laws apply. Own a pet? Oh you guessed it ... laws apply.

In all of these instances if you reject the laws there are penalties, you could be jailed, pay fines, lose your children ... not pleasant.

Guns should be the same. There have been too many children involved that will have residual issues later on. Their development has been affected. Mental health experts have vast concerns for their future well-being. We will lose some of these children to suicide, drug abuse, domestic violence and dropping out of school.

Where are you? Have you expressed your feelings to your elected representatives? I do, on a regular basis. You think it doesn’t matter? I think it does.

We can do better, but we all have to do better.

Rebecca Albright


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