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Letter: Warn college-bound kids about dangers of hazing

A newscast about a Florida State University student who died from a hazing incident should be shown to every potential college-bound student in the country.

Parents should educate their children of the dangers of pledging for fraternities and sororities where alcohol and drugs may be considered acceptable rites of passage.

Colleges and universities where sororities and fraternities exist also have a moral and legal obligation to educate freshmen applicants to their institutions. These young people are vulnerable as they strive to seek acceptance into the social fabric of the school that allows an association with fraternities and sororities to exist.

Many of these students are away from home for the first time, are shy and lonely, and willing to join a fraternity or sorority in order to ease their anxiety of being alone in a strange place. They are easy prey for those bent on abusing pledges to see just how far they can go before the applicant will break.

While this may not be true of all fraternities and sororities, freshmen students need to be aware of the potential dangers and strong enough to say no and walk away. Peer pressure can be a strong influence to make good students make bad decisions, and it is up to parents and those responsible for their safety while away from home to keep them safe.

Charles D. Carter


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