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Letter: Voters need to elect more women to office

In this dismal time of a decline in decency and morality from the top government official aka President Trump on down, what might be a glimmer of hope? How might we counter the false and hypnotic statements and biased leadership of Trump?

I’m putting my faith and energy in two sources. First, the next generation of voters who will be able to cast their ballot in November. They are engaging in politics due to the carnage they witnessed in Parkland, Fla. They have the time, energy and naiveté to persist, and persistence is necessary to make changes.

My second source of hope is to elect more women to Congress and state offices. According to Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland, women make better leaders than most men because “Women are actually more inclined towards that more modern leadership, which is collaborative problem-solving, enabling, consultative, not just trying to assert a kind of hierarchical power.”

A joint study by the University of Chicago and Stanford University found that districts served by women legislators are at a distinct advantage over those represented by men: U.S. congresswomen bring home roughly 9 percent more discretionary spending than congressmen. As a result, their districts receive about $49 million more each year. Congresswomen sponsor more bills and obtain more co-sponsorships than their male colleagues do.

Lastly, women are more inclined to nurture. They bear children and have a more natural inclination to nurture and preserve life, “to lead by discussion and empowerment of others – to lead by example, lead by nurturing.”

Marguerite Battaglia


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