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Letter: No American citizen needs assault weapons

Shortly after 15 teenagers and 2 adults were murdered at their school in Florida, an audio recording of their screams, along with gunshots, was heard on a news broadcast. Soon after, criticism was expressed over this disclosure.

The recording was disturbing, but it gave a better understanding of the victims’ reality. Whose reality will it become next? Can we gain complete control over those with mental illness? Will there always be warning signs of their intentions? Will background checks always be performed and, even if so, will there always be a record of a person’s current state or troubled past? Can we protect everyone everywhere?

The answer to all of these questions, I believe, is “no.” Which leads me to ask: Why is it necessary to own an assault weapon? It’s only purpose is to kill multiple humans in an instant. I think the majority of owners collect these weapons as a hobby to brag about and not as a means of protection.

Maybe it’s time to study other countries that have stricter gun laws or a complete ban and discover how they keep themselves safe without gun ownership. The “right to bear arms” was placed in the Constitution out of a real threat to American citizens by foreigners, but circumstances are different today and the purpose of that declaration is non-existent. The last thing our forefathers would care to see is the murder of innocent people in the country they struggled to establish, free of oppression from the old world.

Judy Catalano


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