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Letter: Bipartisan solution is required on gun issue

The recent shooting at the school in Parkland, Fla., once again reintroduces the debate on gun control. It is sad that some would like to politicize this debate. A Fox News reporter blamed the left for encouraging students to become active in demanding stricter gun control. Rep. Claudia Tinney of New York blames the Democrats for the violence in the schools. As if a teen really cares about politics when he considers going into his school and killing innocent students. President Trump’s solution is to arm teachers. As one teacher said, I would not want to carry a weapon because I might accidentally shoot one of my students.

It is very interesting that Australia and England ban automatic weapons. The latter has a six-month waiting period to obtain a shotgun. Unfortunately, in our country the National Rifle Association wields so much power that it influences our legislators to allow automatic weapons. The students in Parkland are brave to stand up to those who would continue to sell automatic weapons. We adults need to stand with them in demanding of our legislators a ban on these weapons.

In terms of those suffering from mental health issues, we need to look at the facts. As a psychiatric social worker, in my 40 years of experience, many people with mental health issues are usually the victims of guns rather than perpetrators of these violent crimes.

In my humble opinion, the first step in stopping school violence is to ban automatic weapons, only the military or the police should have them. Add stricter checks on those applying for a gun permit. To control gun violence, a concerted effort must be made to halt the arms trade. The arms dealers are making money at the expense, in this case, of innocent lives. Stop making this issue a political one. We need to have bipartisanship in Congress to make it right for those who lost their lives due to our inaction. This suggestion would take a lot of courage on the part of our Congress: Do not take any campaign money from the NRA.

Joseph W. Strychasz,


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