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Ex-Supervisor Dan Ward gets an Amherst history lesson

But how often did he show up in Off Main Street?

The Town of Amherst has posted extensive historical information on its website as the town celebrates its 200th birthday in 2018.

Daniel J. Ward, the former Amherst supervisor and Town Board member, said he recently went through the roster of elected officials from Amherst's past.

"I learned I was not the the first elected official from my family to serve in town government," Ward said in an email.

His great-great-great-grandfather George Kibler served as a commissioner of highways for several years in the 1840s and 1850s. That was the predecessor to today's highway superintendent.

"Not bad for a guy who started out as an immigrant, and an indentured servant," said Ward, who included Kibler's obituary from 1877. He said the stone house Kibler built on North Forest Road still stands.

Ward, who made regular appearances over the years in Off Main Street, left the Town Board at the end of 2009. He told us he doesn't know what party his ancestor belonged to, but he wonders what Kibler would think of his Democratic affiliation.

We went to the same list to answer a historical question of our own: It turns out Bill Kindel, the longtime former Town Board member who ran for a seat again last year at 84, did not have the distinction of serving with both Ward and Kibler.

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