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Woman charged with drug possession after borrowed pants defense fails

A woman charged with drug possession Monday night in Niagara Falls offered a police officer an unusual defense: borrowed pants.

A police officer saw her pull a white, rock-like substance from her pants pocket and toss it to the ground, according to a Niagara Falls police report. But the pants she was wearing, she told police, weren't hers.

"These are my cousin Angela's pants," Kandy Huff, 51, told an officer, according to police report.

Huff, of Niagara Avenue, was riding a bicycle in the middle of Niagara Falls Boulevard near 88th Street at about 10:20 p.m. As the officer was trying to drive past, Huff moved into a westbound lane and stopped, causing the officer to come to a complete stop in the road. Huff, who then got off her bike and left it in the middle of a driving lane, told police she did not see the traffic behind her because the hood on her sweatshirt was up, according to the report.

Huff, who ended up charged with seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and disorderly conduct, started emptying her pockets as the officer approached. That was when what ended up testing positive for crack cocaine was dropped on the ground, according to the police report.

Huff, who did not appear to be impaired by any substance, told police she ran out of clean laundry three days prior, which was why she borrowed her cousin's pants.

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