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Letter: Church does not need to change celibacy rule for Catholic priests

Church does not need to change celibacy rule for Catholic priests

In answer to the editorial, “Is it time for a change?” I would respond that these are tired old arguments that do not address the issue. What the Catholic Church has done in this diocese is to institute the Virtus program. It has to be taken by anyone, including volunteers, who has anything to do with children. I have done it and it is difficult but necessary in order to be aware of anyone who might be grooming a child.

The editorial states that celibacy is a problem because it’s not natural. Actually, it is supernatural. God gives us the grace to do what he calls us to do. Priesthood is a call. Those who discern this call go through a lot of specialized testing to confirm the call and their own mature formation.

The call to priesthood is not open to women. Women hold many very important places in the church. They are excellent administrators and professors, but way back in 1994, Pope Saint John Paul II declared definitively that the priesthood was meant for men, and Pope Francis reaffirmed that early in his pontificate by stating that that door is closed.

The goal of Catholicism is to be a saint. We have thousands of women saints who were not priests, including our Blessed Mother.

So what’s to be done? Pray. For those of us who are not directly involved with the victims or the response, it is enough – and it’s very powerful. As the bumper sticker states “Try God.”

Mary Roaldi


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