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Letter: WNY ought to create its own work program

WNY ought to create its own work program

Remember during the 1930s when President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal created the federally funded Works Progress Administration (WPA)? Tell me our country doesn’t need that now. According to, America gets a lousy D+.

It’s time for Western New York to stand out and be a role model to the rest of our nation. Let’s reinstall the WPA program here and call it the WNY WPA. Let’s allow veterans who are unemployed to have first dibs on jobs. Anyone else who is unemployed and lives in Erie or Niagara counties, or can drive to them, can join various WNY WPA jobs. Paid training would be available. Salaries would be enough for people to actually live on, and even support two children. Medical and dental benefits available. If a person cannot drive, the WNY WPA would offer pick-up and drop-off service.

Creating a WNY WPA program would definitely be worth the cost. Why? It would reduce crime, unemployment, suicide rates (working people are happy people), poverty and homelessness. People would stop leaving Western New York, and others would move to Western New York for the jobs.

Workers would install new sewer systems, plant more trees and urban vegetable gardens, improve our public buildings, tear down abandoned buildings that operate as drug hangouts, build playgrounds in safer neighborhoods, improve roads, fix bridges and, dare I say it, maybe even build a new bridge!

Let’s also give ex-convicts the ability to join the WNY WPA program, which would greatly reduce recidivism, which costs taxpayers a fortune. Don’t you want to live in a county with lower crime, happier people, better roads, better sewer systems and improved schools? I know I do.

Megan DePerro

East Aurora

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