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Letter: Personal responsibility is sorely lacking today

Personal responsibility is sorely lacking today

Inappropriate? This is the term used by a recent letter writer to describe The News’ picture of high school students holding guns. The writer said this was very inappropriate, in light of the Florida shootings.

So, I guess we will also no longer show automobiles because of the carnage they cause when operated by an irresponsible driver. Or perhaps we will outlaw casinos because of the hardships irresponsible gamblers may cause.

The point is this: Responsible people make responsible decisions. A picture of youths holding guns was a yearly occurrence when I was a youth. I attended high school during the 1960s and bringing our guns into school happened often.

We, responsible students, liked to show our friends our new guns, and yet we never contemplated shooting anyone. Again, as responsible gun owners, we never thought about shooting anyone or anything that we shouldn’t.

The difference now is the total lack of respect, zero responsibility and the willingness of some parents to think the children they have raised are perfect. Kids make mistakes, but kids raised in households where guns are present learn from birth to be respectful, honest and, above all, responsible. Maybe personal responsibility has something to do with this attitude.

Richard Pearce


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