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Letter: Crack down on people helping illegal aliens

Crack down on people helping illegal aliens

The recent action of the Oakland, Calif., mayor blowing the whistle on Immigration and Customs Enforcement activities is the latest in a stream of deplorable actions to thwart lawful government and law enforcement activity. Although arguably not illegal, her actions are unprecedented and mind-boggling. These incidents are increasing in scope, brazenness and vehemence. A sanctuary-state mentality revolt is brewing. In many instances, these growing actions to protect illegal aliens are either committing or coming dangerously close to a violation of federal law.

All parties should look at U.S. Code Title 8, subsection 1324, the controlling statute of such conduct. It is concise but broad. It appears to make almost any action to help illegals avoid detection and apprehension, a crime. These may include many of the actions we are seeing today, from blocking the ICE transport van, to showing an illegal alien the back door at the courthouse to avoid agents, to altering records at businesses or schools to aid in the avoidance of detection.

In addition, these actions place both law enforcement officers and private citizens at risk. It is only a matter of time until an illegal alien commits a crime or injures someone.

All police officers are familiar with a phrase that is used in response to continuing disruptive activity at the same location that causes continued police response. It states plainly that “it won’t end until someone goes to jail.”

I sense and fear we are building to a point where the federal government will have no choice but to arrest those who break the law when disrupting federal law enforcement activity or when they take actions to protect and shield illegal alien lawbreakers.

It may be the only way to convince these social justice warriors of the illegality of their actions and re-establish the rule of law. But more importantly, it may be the only way to stop it before it results in tragedy.

Gary Brignone


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