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Letter: Nation will weather storm and overcome its problems

Nation will weather storm and overcome its problems

During these wild, difficult times when our country is much divided and the world seems ready to explode, it’s helpful to gain some perspective by reading books, listening to music and watching movies and documentaries on the 1960s and 1970s. Now those were challenging times.

There was even a hit song called “The Eve of Destruction” detailing some of the craziness of the 1960s and hinting at the question of will we survive? The Vietnam War was raging along with the draft, there were riots throughout the nation, mass shootings in Hollywood, on campuses and in many cities.

Government corruption was uncovered at the highest level, ending with the unprecedented resignation of a president, and the assassinations of three beloved public figures – a president, a senator running for president and a well-known civil rights leader – stunned us all.

If that wasn’t enough, there were two Arab oil embargoes creating skyrocketing gas prices, mile-long gas lines, layoffs and inflation. We even had a president stating that we would run out of oil by 1990.

So while times have certainly changed in some respects, along with many of the issues, it’s comforting to remember that our great nation survived some terribly challenging times 50 years ago and it will conquer our current problems now, as divisive as they may be. Stay positive and try to keep it all in perspective. It helps.

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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