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My love for all things green goes on and on

Come March, green is on my mind. It’s not just because of St. Patrick’s Day. It’s more because spring is coming and that means lots of green.

Green sings spring. Or, as interior designer Alexandra Stoddard once wrote: “Green is young leaves, grass, ferns, trees, moss, watercress, jade ... limes, peapods, spinach, parsley, asparagus and artichokes.”

I like some shades of green more than others - and even those sometimes change year to year. But the shades found in ivy, ferns, baby spinach and, yes, even shamrocks have remained among my favorites.

How do I love green? Let me count the number of times I have mentioned it in columns through the years (with some written in March, by the way):

Date: March 30, 2001. Topic: Asparagus.

“With asparagus in season, can warm weather be far behind? No doubt about it: Asparagus tastes like spring - and looks like it, too. That’s why it’s not only popular on the dinner table but a delightful design motif as well.”

Date: Aug. 5, 2005. Topic: A green insect. Headline: Mr. Green goes along for the ride:

“One day last week as I was driving home on the Thruway, I glanced out my window and spotted a green bug clinging to my side-view mirror. Startled, I wondered how in the world this long, grasshopper-like insect could brace itself against the wind … At the end of the exit ramp was a traffic light. Luckily, it was red. ‘Go back to your family,’ I shouted to the bug through my very closed window. ‘Now is your chance.’ Still, it remained on my mirror and even crawled around a bit. ‘Go home!’ I repeated.”

Green, white and pink. A perfect combo for the patio.

Date: March 28, 2008. Topic: My mother’s tablecloth. Headline: Everything old is new again - sometimes:

“Last weekend, as I was trying to decide which tablecloth to pull out for the dining room table, I found that none of them made me happy. White? Too boring. Black?

Not for spring …Then I remembered a tablecloth that my mother used during the late ’70s. It was made by Vera, had matching napkins and it was bright green. Not like an emerald. Not like a lime. But a sort of tropical, preppy Lilly Pulitzer kind of green.

Knowing she still had it, no doubt perfectly pressed and preserved and hanging in one of her closets, I drove over to ‘borrow’ it.”

Date: March 18, 2011. Topic: Green and white decor. Headline: A few of my favorite things:

“For some time now I’ve been carrying around a paint strip with a color called Cedar Green. It’s a lovely shade but, more important, I’m picturing it in a room with white woodwork ...”

Date: Dec. 7, 2012. Topic: Emerald, Pantone 2013 Color of the Year. Headline: At home with Emerald

“Emerald has been named Pantone LLC’s Color of the Year for 2013, and I couldn’t be happier. I have always loved the color. I love it with navy. I love it with white. I love it with pink and white. Yes, it can be preppy. But, in my book anyway, it sure beats sage.”

Date: Dec. 16, 2016. Topic: Greenery, Pantone 2017 Color of the Year. Headline: Everyone could use a little extra Greenery:

“Ever since I heard that Pantone named Greenery its 2017 Color of the Year, I’ve been seeing it around our house. I see it on the cap of our daughter’s shampoo bottle. I see it on the linen tablecloth and napkins that have been in my family for many years. I see it mixed into the pattern on the cover of a Lilly Pulitzer book I own. It even comes pretty close to the color of our tea kettle.”

So, yes, my love of green continues into 2018. While I doubt I’ll be sampling any green beer this weekend, I may soon be pulling out my recipe for Asparagus Fontina Tart, collecting a few more green paint samples and watching for our ferns to start popping up in the garden.


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