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Letter: Pet store should not be able to rent baby chicks

Pet store should not be able to rent baby chicks

The Easter season brings the renewal of the “rent-a-chick” business at Steve’s Wonderful World of Pets in the Town of Amherst. For those of you who have never heard of this ridiculous marketing idea, people are given the opportunity to rent for $39 up to two baby chicks, at the unbelievable young age of around 3 days old.

With each transaction, the customer is provided with food, a water dispenser, a heat lamp and a container that serves as a poor excuse for a habitat. The client then has until after Easter (if they decide to do so) to return these delicate newborns back to the store.

This rental program serves as a loophole for the owner, Steve Lane, to bypass a New York State Agriculture and Markets Law (Article 26) that prohibits the sale of baby chicks, ducklings, other fowl or baby rabbits under 2 months of age in any quantity less than six.

Especially worrisome is the fact that the chicks’ care during this rental period is never tracked. As such, Lane’s claim that the rental program’s purpose is to ensure a happy time in the chicks’ lives, while providing education to young customers, seems to ring hollow. This store is certainly wonderful for Lane’s wallet, but not so great for the animals that are under his “care.”

Alanna Mergel

Grand Island

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