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Letter: Eliminate duplicative services to reduce cost of living in WNY

Eliminate duplicative services to reduce cost of living in WNY

It is time to change the way we spend public money. The first step is to create service delivery districts. All mandated and essential services will be in the agenda of local service districts. Public safety, water, fire, sanitation, economic development, etc. shall be in the same numerical district based upon neighborhood, or other commonality, perhaps use of a countywide elective district boundaries. Some service districts, like water, emergency communications, social services/health, etc. will be countywide. The use of our public taxes and user fees suddenly becomes visible, unlike the sign at local the gasoline station.

Each district will have a professional coordinator. He/she will be hired after competitive examination. In the business of urban planning, this is called co-terminality. This will end the colonial approach favored by statewide elected officials. Each neighborhood, town or region in Erie County has significant and different resources. It will be interesting to learn the actual competency of appointed and elected officials when they are required to make decisions based upon actual input of the affected persons from a service district.

The Buffalo City Charter offers significant input to the elected members of the Common Council with land use proposals; let’s take this concept to a countywide basis. Of course this will end duplicative service delivery and reduce the cost of living in Erie County. If enacted, expect the success to become contagious and turn into a collaborative regional approach.

Harvey Brody


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