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Editorial: It seems to us - Spring arrives early; drug-testing declines; self-driving drunks and what on wing?

The calendar may think spring arrives on Tuesday, but Buffalo knows better.
The vernal equinox, the experts insist, will occur at 12:15 p.m. Tuesday, when the sun crosses the equator, heading deep into to the Northern Hemisphere. That’s spring in this half of the world, right?
But check the sunrise-sunset report for today: The sun rises at 7:24 a.m. and sets and 7:24 p.m. If that’s not equinox, then what is? That’s the way it is every March 17 in Buffalo, offering an added bonus to the welcome arrival of St. Patrick’s Day.
And, not to give anything way, but it only gets better. On Sunday, for example, the daylight hours will lengthen by another 2 minutes and 56 seconds. With respect to our cousins in the Southern Hemisphere: Time’s up. It’s our turn now.

What do you get when the labor market tightens and states are legalizing recreational marijuana? A decline in drug testing of employees.
It makes a certain kind of sense, we suppose, but it comes with obvious, sometimes heightened, risks. Even if pot is legal, do banks or contractors or fire departments want workers showing up high?
Caveat emptor.

Guess what interest group is especially interested in the development of self-driving cars? Lots of them have reason to push for their development, including the health care and insurance industries, but the alcohol industry has its own motivations.
On the public safety side, it could reduce and, at some point, even eliminate the problem of drunk driving. But it could also induce people to drink more, bolstering the industry’s bottom line but putting drinkers’ health at greater risk.
One way or another, autonomous cars are coming, Here’s hoping their unintended consequences are sober ones.

So, who’s crazier: Frank’s RedHot for daring to suggest ranch dressing with what it had the temerity to call “Buffalo wings” or the highly offended connoisseurs who inundated the company with ridicule – some of it quite clever.
The purists insist that only blue cheese can be paired with their beloved chicken wings (“Buffalo wings” is for the uninitiated) and they let Frank’s know it in no uncertain terms last week.
It was a marketing faux-pas, to be sure. Then again, some would suggest that purists are, by definition, boring.

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