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What They Said: Free agents McCarron, Lotulelei, Bush, Murphy and Stanton on joining the Bills

Quarterback AJ McCarron

Q: They didn’t give you any Bills gear yet, you had to wear a suit?
A: Yeah, I figured I’d put the suit on. I got a pin though.

Q: When you looked at your best opportunities, why did this one seem to be the most appealing to you, besides the contract?
A: I thought it was just a great opportunity for myself to come up here and be able to compete for a starting job and that’s all you can ask for in this league. That was the main thing I was saying while I was in Cincinnati. It wasn’t about the money, it wasn’t about anything. My background, I come from absolutely nothing, so I’ve always just known ball. I just wanted a chance to compete and play and it felt like I had that opportunity here.

Q: Is it your expectation to compete for a starting job?
A: Yeah, I think just being in a situation and seeing the situation, whether they’re going to draft somebody or not, like I said it’s just a great opportunity to be able to compete and really showcase day in and day out what you’re able to do and have a chance to achieve the ultimate goal and that’s to start.

Q: What are your thoughts on the possibility of the team maybe drafting a quarterback in the first round?
A: I try not to waste any mental thought on it because it’s something I can’t control and there’s no reason for me to really put any thought in to it. Just to be honest with you just because it creates mental clutter for my process that I need to do day in and day out to be the best player that I need to be, so whatever they feel is best for the organization, I’m just going to come out and work my tail off for them and for this city. Just be the best player that I can.

Q: How does it feel that people have immediately put the label on you of being the bridge quarterback?
A: Well, I think a lot of people have labels. You can either let it affect you and how you go about your work and let that define you or you everybody’s thought process on you. That’s always been my mindset, to change everybody that has any doubt or anything and just come in and work my tail off. Really just show this organization, from everybody from the top to the bottom, that I’m here to work and be a team guy and try to help this team win in any way possible.

Q: How frustrating was it spending four years in Cincinnati without a real opportunity to play?
A: It’s always tough as a competitor, but I also knew the situation I was going in to. AD (Andy Dalton) had been an established starter and had done a great job for them in the Cincy organization. So I knew the situation I was coming in to. My thought process was push AD to be the best player he can be, push us both and then learn to really almost be a servant again rather than a leader and then figure out the best way to help the team by another role and that’s what I tried to do.

Q: What did you learn over the past six months after almost being traded and having to go through arbitration, to now getting to pick your own team?
A: I think it’s a little bit of a rollercoaster for sure. Just from the trade and everything and how it happened and how it all went about, but one thing my wife always says and people in my family, us as humans want things and want our plan to happen on our time. Really, it’s on God’s time. He has a plan and things, we get impatient and you want things quick, fast and easy, but it’s not always that way. So, I think it adds another chapter to the story in the end and it’s just part of the process. It’s awesome to be here in this situation and I’m truly blessed to be part of the Bills Mafia. I just can’t wait, I really can’t.

Q: What were you thinking the past couple days when you saw other quarterbacks getting deals with teams before you?
A: It’s always tough just because you’re a competitor, but at the same time like I said, I think it goes to the thought that you just have to trust God’s plan. You really do. It’s easier said than done, but we prayed and we put the faith in Him and everything works out for a reason. Like I said, we’re just super excited to be here and to be a part of this organization and help this team win.

Q: Have you talked to Coach Daboll yet?

A: We talked for a couple minutes. I have literally been nonstop all day. We flew out at, I had to wake up at 4, 4:30 this morning. First flight out of Mobile. As soon as I landed we went straight to the doc, multiple doctors so we have just been nonstop. I got to sit down with him for a couple minutes and I have also talked to him while he was at ‘Bama last season. I think Coach (Daboll) is an unbelievable offensive mind. Super smart. I can’t wait to get back up here and start learning the offense, figuring this thing out.

Q: Are you aware of his Alabama offense and did you compare national championship rings with Coach Daboll?

A: We did not compare (laughs). I do not know if he has gotten his yet. Mine, I give them to my family. My uncle has one, my dad has one and my grandpa has one. I don’t ever wear one. I play just because I love playing the game. I let them enjoy all that. From an offensive mind, it is hard to speak on that. Truly because I know he is playing to what players he has there. He is suiting the offense for them. I guess we will find out in a month and go from there.

Q: What do you know about this Bills offense you are stepping into?

A: I know nothing from a X and O’s standpoint. I know you have some unbelievable players around you with Shady and (Kelvin Benjamin). Guys on the O-line and now you have Chris Ivory who is part of it. Zay Jones, he text me earlier. I think it is just an awesome situation to be in. I cannot wait. I am super pumped.

Q: How much were you aware of the Andy Dalton play to Tyler Boyd and the meaning it had to the Bills?

A: I knew at that time if we won, Buffalo got in and Baltimore was out. From an organizational standpoint, I do not know a whole lot about the history. Still learning and learning fast. I think as soon as we landed, we had Bills fans come up and talk to us, tell us stories. So we are super excited. It is an awesome situation to be in. Even when we stepped off, me and my wife were talking about it kind of feels like ‘Bama again. It is that type of atmosphere. We had spent so much time there, it is just exciting to be here and be a part of this.

Q: How do you transition from being the young guy to the old guy in a quarterback room?

A: I think you always help a younger guy along. I have never been the type to not do that. I think karma is a son-of-a-gun and it can come back to bite you. If I am better than the other guy, then I just trust in my talents and go out and play my game. If it doesn’t work out, then you learn to be a great teammate, be a part of the team. I have been a part of a enough teams and won enough to realize when you have a team that is going to win, that plays as a team, that cares. It is a culture. I have been a part of some that are not as much. You just learn to roll with it. It is going to be a learning experience for them. It is going to be a learning experience for me too. It is going to be fun.

Q: How do you handle being a veteran, but only having seen limited action?

A: I think even though I played four games, they were critical games at the same time. We were trying to clinch a playoff berth in our division at the time. Being brought into the first game against San Fran; San Fran that year wasn’t playing the best but at home had not allowed a team over 21 points all season long. We had 21 I think in the first half. Played well as a team. The next game you go to Denver and they have the number one rated defense in every category there. Six degrees at kickoff. Felt like I was on a different planet for me at that time. I think like I am saying, not to ramble on, but I think it is critical getting the games I have been a part of. It has helped me grow a lot. Any time you are able to start a playoff game, that is big in the league. We had a chance to win it and came up short, but those experiences go a long way. I think it will help.

Q: How much can you gain from being a part of the team even when you are not playing?

A: For sure, you can learn just as much. You want reps, but you can learn a lot not playing also. It is how you prepare yourself. What you take from the starter. Andy (Dalton) and me were close. I kind of learned how he learned best for him. I took what I did best from college, what he does and you just keep trying to grow in that way. How does he take each rep in practice? What is he thinking as a part of each process?  You just try to pick from all the great ones you are around. The mental reps side of it is huge too.


Defensive End Trent Murphy

Q: Why for you was this the right place?

A: Well, this is home for me now. I think they expressed the most interest and I kind of looked into who the Bills are coming off an opportunity at the playoffs and what they’re trying to build and the culture here, I was super excited to join the cause. I think it was a perfect fit for me.

Q: Explain that ‘fit’ as to the defensive scheme and your role and all that.

A: Yeah, I mean what I think Coach [McDermott] is looking for here as far as blue-collar guys, a scheme, guys that are passionate and trying to build a culture, kind of just that tough, blue-collar mentality, winning, playing together, just competing. Just was talking to the strength coach about the offseason plans about how it’s a little bit more- almost like college again; we’re competing and we’re getting better, but we’re splitting up into teams and everything’s a competition. We’re just stirring up that culture and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

Q: What’s the status with your knee?

A: Really good; it’s all been going, looking really well, right where I need to be. It might be fairly limited when I first get here on April 16th, but from that standpoint, [it’s] right on board with where we need to be and I’m expected to make a full recovery.

Q: It will be 13 months since the injury, so you envision you’ll be pretty good?

A: Yeah, I mean, I’ll let the trainers kind of make the timeline from that standpoint of what they expect, but the goal is to play in the season. That’s my goal and I’ll be ready to compete and contribute from that standpoint.

Q: Can you expound about the fit that you talked about? It’s a good fit for you, why exactly? What do you see yourself doing with this defense?

A: I mean, I think that their biggest goal is to bring in and help the guys that are here already be more disruptive and disrupt the passer, [and] disrupt the backfield. I think when you can get after the quarterback and get TFLs and do your job from that standpoint, stop the run and put pressure on the passer – you’re talking about winning games from that standpoint. I think in the scheme and what he wants me to do, I’m excited to try to compete for a job and find a way on the field and help out the team any way I can.

Q: As excited as you are to sign here yourself, just seeing how the d-line had just taken shape here in the last three or four days with Kyle [Williams] coming back, Star [Lotulelei], you have Jerry [Hughes] on the other side. Just the thoughts that start running through your head as a defensive lineman knowing the guys you’re likely to be lining up alongside?

A: From that standpoint, you almost cant help but to start salivating, knowing who you’re working with. The type of mentality those guys have, their work ethic….Lorenzo [Alexander] was already in the weight room grinding it out this morning, so knowing that that’s the expectation, that’s what I’m coming in to, these guys are going to want to work, find new ways to pass rush, new ways to beat guys, I couldn’t be happier about it. As an individual, yeah you want to push yourself, but when you have guys that are going to push you too, you can push them and work together, that’s what it’s all about.

Q: Two part question – were you concerned at all that the suspension you had last year, last summer, would be a problem for you going forward possibly with the team you’re on or with your potential new employer? And what was the discussion about that with the Bills?

A: I let my agent handle most of the discussions directly with the Bills, so I don’t know if that came up fully, but I served that last year and kind of put it behind me. I knew that it was a learning point, learned from that and I could move forward and put myself in the best position so it could never happen again. That’s been served and taken care of so I’m full force moving forward.

Q: When we look at you missing an entire year, the year you had in 2016…How much do you feel you might have to prove all over again and how eager are you to get back out there?

A: I’m the type of player that always has a chip on my shoulder and its really just kind of how I play and how I get better, but after 2016 and people saying that I could have been a fluke and “we’re not expecting him to do that,” I was humming in training camp and ready to have an even better season. I couldn’t have been more excited so I was heartbroken when in the first week, the sixth play of the preseason game, but knowing the foundation I had laid down and the work and where I’ve been rolling this offseason - I couldn’t be more excited to prove to everybody here right that I’m who they think I am, prove my family right, the team, make all the fans proud to have me on their team. I couldn’t be more happy and it’s only more motivation to grind out the rest of this offseason and get here and get working.

Q: I know you went up and down in playing weight because they wanted you to get bigger, was it 267 pretty much in 2015 and 2016?

A: I was pretty much 265. I kind of fluctuated between the 258-265 range.

Q: You mentioned toughness and we know about your background in Arizona. Was it McDermott that kind of sold you on toughness and talked about that blue collar mentality?

A: I’ve been hearing that repeatedly, so I don’t think it’s just him selling the toughness approach anymore. I sat down in his office and what he is looking for and why he was sold on me, and I think it’s just that toughness and that passion. He said he’s kind of followed my career and seeing it at Stanford, the Redskins, saw how hard I played at the Senior Bowl – just bringing that kind of relentless passion every play and that’s how I play the game. That’s how I think it’s meant to be played. I couldn’t be more excited to bring that here.

Q: On that injury back in that play back in the preseason, what were the circumstances?

A: Basically the circumstances were it was kind of a lead play to my side, I was setting the edge off of the right side and the inside linebacker came and pretty much blasted the fullback and decleated him into my leg, so you can’t blame anybody because he did his job the best he could of done it, but the outcome was basically someone’s entire body thrown into my knee planted when I was doing my job as well. Unfortunate circumstances, it’s really nobody’s fault so you just have to fight another day.

Q: You talked earlier about the depth of defensive lineman. This team is filled. Do you have any expectation in terms of playing time and how that might be juggled?

A: I just want to compete. Compete and find a way on the field, really. At the end of the day, help the team win, so however that happens, however that plays up, I hope I can hit the opposite color.

Q: You’ve been on both the end and the interior as a pass rusher. Do you feel comfortable either way kind of doing any of that or regarding situational or anything like that?

A: Like I said, compete at any position I can get on the field or whatever the coaches draw up, different packages, I would be happy to do them both. I feel comfortable inside, outside, moving around. At the end of the day, you kind of have to beat hands and get down the edges of guys so I’m excited for either.

Q: There’s reports that a bunch of teams were interested or they called your agent on you. What sense do you have on that and how does that make you feel that there was a bidding spree?

A: I definitely took a lot of pride that everyone kind of recognized the work and caliber player I was after the injury and the offseason and how many teams expressed interest. For me, the Bills are the most aggressive and it’s where I wanted to be so it was a no brainer – that’s why we got to it so quick.

Q: Was there any anxiety about that? I’m talking about recurring this injury, knowing that this is such a long time table and teams have to some degree take a leap of faith if you’re going to be everything they want you to be come September? Did that go through your mind and what was your thought process like through these last few days?

A: I’ve had a lot of great coaches over the years that have taught me that you can’t control what you can’t control and just focusing at the task at end. I think it’s tougher for my family and loved ones to kind of see their son or brother in limbo and not know about the future. For me, I put myself in kind of a hole in the wall in Columbus, Ohio and I’ve just been dragging sleds and grinding it out and I couldn’t be more at peace the entire time so just knowing that I put myself in a good situation that whatever team took the leap of faith and recognized what I could bring to the table, they were going to get not only what they expected but more. It’s kind of the approach I took.

Q: What do you know about the area and the fan base?

A: Every day I learn more and more but so far, the fan base is incredible. I mean, talk about an opened arm welcome and a passionate fan base. I’m super stoked to have that behind me and be part of that family now. That’s really as far as I’ve gotten. I drove in last night at 1:30. I took the drive up here because I couldn’t get wait and drove through the snow and that’s about all I could see. I’m pumped. From some of the tweets and Instagram posts and everyone reaching out, I couldn’t be more excited.

Q: Did you do any homework on how the history of this scheme has performed?

A: Yeah, you kind of always want to look at the picture from top to bottom, but there are so many uncontrollable in this league especially with injuries. With how it all plays out, it is hard to ever figure any of that out. I was excited about the passion. The way the team’s direction is moving. It is kind of on the rise. I wanted to be a part of something exciting and I couldn’t ask for more.

Q: What connection do you have to Ohio State?

A: I don’t, I just found an old school gym there that is kind of salt of the earth. I knew it was kind of what I needed right now, so that is where I went.

Q: How did that connection come up?

A: I grew up reading about this gym when I was a kid to be honest. Had an invitation to go and train there and knew it could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It could add a gear that I have never even had before on the field. I was very excited. It was something new, kind of anxious about, ‘Man this is a small risk.’ I think it is going to pay off big time. I could not be happier to rehab and train there.

Q: How long have you been there for?

A: Probably been there 10 or 11 weeks now.

Q: What is your training regimen like there?

A: It is very old school. It is a lot of work volume. I would have to get the numbers for you, but it is pretty ridiculous. Dragging sleds, squatting and doing different things. For where I am at out of the injury, it is definitely remarkable some of the turnarounds that they have had.

Q: How much are you squatting?

A: Last week was the first time I got under the bar and squatted 475.


Defensive Tackle Star Lotulelei

Q: Obviously, the connections with Brandon [Beane] and Sean [McDermott] must have been part of the reason, but if you could maybe expand on what brought you here ultimately?

A: A couple different things, mostly just being familiar with the defensive scheme, not having to go over to a different team and go through a whole new playbook. That was the biggest thing was just being real familiar with the playbook here.

Q: Define that, Star, as far as what it is about your familiarity with that and in particular role, why that is something that would, of course, make the most sense, and then if you can define what that understanding is and what your role is in that scheme?

A: My role is whatever the team needs me to do, whatever the defense needs from me. I’m going to come in and just work, do whatever we need to do to get some wins. The team did a great job in going to the playoffs last year, so [I’ll will try to] help us go a little bit further. As far as being familiar, Coach McDermott was part of the organization in Carolina when I was drafted, so I know him, Brandon Beane. Like I said, the playbook [is] a huge thing for me.

Q: What is your relationship with Sean and Brandon Beane like?

A: It’s a good relationship; I enjoyed the time I had with Coach McDermott in Carolina; he was a great coach. Being able to play here [and] play for him again, was, like I said, part of why I decided to come here.

Q: Star, knowing that your future was somewhat up in the air even maybe like last summer when you were being asked about your future and your contract, knowing that Sean was here and Brandon Beane was here, did it even cross your mind? When did it first cross your mind that the Bills might be a possibility in this whole process?

A: Really, just when my agent started telling me. You never know being in this business; you never know where you’re going to be next. You never know wat’s going to happen. They don’t tell you too much. Grateful that it was here.

Q: Seeing how this defensive line has kind of taken shape over the last three days here, how excited are you about the possibility? You’ve got Trent [Murphy] on the edge now with Jerry Hughes, you’ll be lining up next to Kyle [Williams]. Just what are your thoughts there?

A: Yeah, I’m excited man. I had the opportunity to play with some real great players in Carolina, so coming here and being a part of this defensive line and this front, this defense, is exciting for me. A guy like Kyle Williams, I’ve been a big fan of his. Coming here and having the opportunity to learn from him as well as play alongside him will be great.

Q: Star, back to the whole role thing, it sounds like it’s not about how many tackles you accumulate, how many sacks you’re going to get, is it more about that sort of team fir thing? Is that emphasized?

A: Like I said, I’m here to do what the team asks. What they need from me, produce, too, as well. Like I said, the team comes first; what they need from me, that’s what I’m going to do. Whatever the coaches ask of me, that’s what I’ll do.

Q: What do you know about Kyle Williams, just studying him?

A: I know he’s a heck of a player. He’s got great versatility, great athleticism. You saw him running the ball last year; he’s got a couple touchdowns under his belt. He’s just, from what I hear, a great leader, a great locker room guy, so just everything you want out of a veteran and one of your leaders. Like I said, I’m excited to play with him, play with the d-line and the defense.

Q: Do you take pride in maybe trying to free up your teammates to make plays?

A: If doing what I do helps others be great at what they do, then that’s fine. Like I said, I was part of a front that had some real good players in Carolina, so I helped them, but at the same time, they helped me. I think that’s exactly what we’ve got going here; everybody’s going to help each other.


Safety Rafael Bush

Q: Why Buffalo? What brought you here?

A: It’s family oriented. I’m a family man. It’s something that I look forward to, and they believed in my skillset. They gave me an opportunity and I’m thankful for it.

Q: When you look at the Bills roster, Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer both had really strong seasons last year. How do you see yourself working in with those guys and where do you see your fit behind those two guys, and if it’s not behind, where do you see yourself?

A: Well, I’m just looking forward to working with those two guys. As a tandem last year, I think they had maybe, what, 10 interceptions? As a unit last year, the secondary was pretty good. I’m just here to kind of just bring my skillset to the team and help in whatever way I can.

Q: How much do you know about those two? They were described by a lot of people as maybe as good of a safety pairing as there was in the league. Paying attention to them, or if you did, what are some of your thoughts about those guys?

A: I think just being a safety, you look at other safeties around the league, so that’s kind of natural for guys, myself included. Watching those guys play together, I’ve been watching Micah Hyde in Green Bay for some years, and I always thought he was a great player. Poyer was one of those guys that was a special teams player at first. I kind of can relate to that, being that myself, and then kind of getting the opportunity to play and making the most of his opportunities. I respect that, so like I said, I’m excited to work with those guys and can’t wait to get to work.

Q: You described it here like a family. Besides getting a deal, the right deal, for you here, what were your other observations and your other sense of where this team is [and] what you’re going to be a part of [in regards to] the culture and all the kind of stuff? What were some of your immediate thoughts?

A: [Sean] McDermott was really adamant about the culture here, changing the culture here, the particular culture that they have in store right now and what they’re doing. It just kind of felt right. I think, when we had our talk, it just felt right. You sometimes just have a gut feeling about things, and it was just one of those feelings that felt right. When we had our talk in there, man, it just went very well and my juices just kind of started flowing. I’m kind of just ready to get work now.

Q: Before maybe last year when they made the playoffs, this didn’t seem like a [free agent] destination. Have perceptions maybe changed in regards to [the rest of the league]?

A: I always go by ‘what have you done for me lately?’ They made the playoffs last year, their defense was very good at creating turnovers, so those are some of the two most important things on the defense that you need. You’re in the playoffs and creating turnovers, so you kind of do it all for that, what you did last year, so you have something to build off of. I’m just here to try to just help these guys in any way that I can, and hopefully we can take it a step further.

Q: I’m sure being in the same division as the Panthers – did you see what McDermott was doing with their defense? Did you pay attention to what the defense was like from the defensive coordinator who’s now your coach?

A: Yeah, to an extent. Me being a defensive guy, my main focus is focusing on the offense, but you can definitely see some similarities. You can see how efficient the Carolina defense was over the past couple of years; they’ve been in the top for some years, and you kind of see that translating to this team and this roster as we speak. There are definitely some similarities and I think it’s on the up and coming.

Q: This team is not shy about veterans on special teams. Can you just outline your experience in that phase of the game?

A: Like I said, I’m here to just do whatever they need me to do. There’s no egos here. You’ve got to be able to take what people give you and not take it for granted. I don’t take this opportunity for granted. I’m thirty years old, and we all know and understand that once you get to a certain age, things start to decline for players. I’m not saying that for myself, I’m just speaking as a whole. I’m here to do whatever they need me to do or whatever they ask me to do.

Q: You’ve been in the league 8 years now – you’ve beaten the averages by a lot. What do you think, in talking to Coach McDermott, what about your experience do you think they liked?

A: Like you said, the conversation went very well and not to get into too many details about what we talked about, I think he was just fond of the way I play the game and it kind of matches the culture that’s already here. I guess bringing me in wasn’t that much of a troubled decision, so I’m just here, like I said, to do whatever they ask me to do. I think he was very respectful and admired the way I play and the kind of mentality that I have. I’m just trying to add to our team and what we have now.

Q: Do you think playing with New Orleans helped maybe because he had a better familiarity with you?

A: Absolutely, being in the division for a couple of years and then playing against a team twice a year, you get to see the type of players [that] you’re playing against. There’s always eyes on you and there’s always somebody watching, so it’s kind of amazing how things come full circle. Now he’s here and now I’m here and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be here.

Q: Was it appealing that you’re adding to a secondary that last year all those guys were brand new, pretty much, all fresh faces, but they came together really quickly? Was that appealing to you?

A: That kind of shows me the professionalism of these guys in this secondary. A lot of new that came in, a lot of new faces, but they bought into the culture and it turned out great for them. I’m just trying to follow suit.

Q: What was that day like when you agreed to terms? What were you expecting coming into this week and the motions you were going through in this process?

A: Going through this, being through this before, one thing about free agency that I learned last year [is] that it can definitely humble you. You find out what teams and other organizations feel about you. That kind of goes into who may offer you or who may not offer you, not to get into the detail of that, but, like I said, I was an older guy. We came off of a terrible loss in the Minnesota game - it was just kind of a bad taste in my mouth. Understanding my age, understanding how the business works, that could’ve been my last game. You never know. To get the opportunity, it’s really a blessing from God to have somebody, to have an organization really admire or enjoy the way that you play [and] to have a lot of good things to say about you. It really went well.

Linebacker Julian Stanford

Q: Congratulations on signing. What made Buffalo a fit for you?

A: I just thought it was a great opportunity. I like the way the organization is here, I like the culture here, I like the staff, and from top to bottom, it’s a first class organization. They have the best fan-base in football. I think this is a good fit for me.

Q: What do you recall [of] them [from] facing them a couple of times last year [as a member of the Jets] and what McDermott did?

A: Obviously, as you know, it’s a divisional opponent, so we have a lot of competition going back and forth. They definitely have a good football team. I know the comradery, as far as the team is, they seem as though they enjoy playing with each other and playing for each other and I think those are two big, key components in a successful team.

Q: Have you talked about what your role will be with this defense?

A: We have briefly touched on my role in the defense. I know they brought be in to be a special teams producer and I’m just here to do whatever I have to do to help the team win games and accomplish the common goal.

Q: Do you feel comfortable playing everywhere in the line-backing core?

A: I do. I’ve played in different systems, I’ve played inside in the three-four, I’ve played in the four-three. I think with my skillset and my ability, I think that I can play all three spots. Like I said, I’m just here to help the team win games.

Q: What’s it like for you, having bounced around to a few teams, to get a deal on the first day of free agency like you did?

A: I mean, it’s a dream come true. Like I said, this is the first time for me going through free agency. It was a little bit of uncertainty about what’s going to happen [and] what to expect. This is new for me, but it’s definitely overwhelming and definitely a dream come true. I’m very excited to be here.

Q: What did you know about Buffalo before you decided to come here?

A: I didn’t know a whole lot about Buffalo, other than the fact that we played them a couple times a year. I have a couple friends that live up in this area, [I] have family members in this area. I know that their fan-base is phenomenal – I’ll tell you that to say the least.


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