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My View: The perfect love for a new grandchild

By Peg Cushman

I never knew my grandparents,  all but one had died before I was born and my last grandma died when I was three years old so other than seeing pictures of her, I don’t remember her. Would I have been a different person if I had a relationship with my grandparents? I’ll never know. I felt my parents and siblings more than made up for what I may have lost; I reasoned that you don’t miss what you never had.

Several months ago, when my oldest son and his wife handed us sonogram pictures, I could see the outline of the most perfect baby. My mouth fell open, tears flowed and many hugs followed. What an amazing gift he or she will be, a bright light in our lives. Mike wants to be called whatever our grandchild names him but I would love to be called Granny.

We soon found out that Sweet Pea was a girl, the shopping for pink began and continues on. I was so happy that Marie felt good and she looked even more beautiful as Sweet Pea continued to blossom.

For years, my friends have told me how wonderful it is to be a grandparent and some have said it’s even better than being a parent because you can borrow, spoil, return them and still get a good night’s sleep. My amazing friends surprised me with “Granny showers” which included delicious dinners, many beautiful baby gifts to keep at our house and lots of laughter. I love them all dearly and was shocked when they told me about the some of the many changes that have occurred since my boys were babies. You can’t use baby powder, you put Vicks VapoRub on the bottom of their feet, and you can no longer wash their clothes in Ivory Snow, it has to be unscented laundry detergent.

Peg Cushman.

I told Robert that once you meet your tiny babe, the fierce emotion of love is beyond intense, the bond of unconditional love will grip your heart when you realize this is the world’s best blessing, especially when she begins smiling and reacting to you. Although it’s rough in the beginning because of the sleepless nights, it’s all worth it. You will survive to become an amazing parent.

The day finally arrived and we anxiously waited with Marie’s parents, I love Marie so much and prayed that everything would go smoothly for her. To our relief, the doctor finally came out – actually it was Robert dressed in scrubs and his beaming smile told the entire story: Marie and Leah Grace were doing great!

Nothing prepared me when I saw Robert holding his baby girl, it’s an image forever embedded in my head, Leah was so tiny in his arms and Robert looked so relieved and content as he stared at his Sweet Pea.

Just as I predicted, Leah has a full head of dark hair, as soft as a cloud, chubby cheeks and smells heavenly. We all held her briefly and as we were leaving the hospital, Stevie Wonder's song “Isn’t she Lovely” popped into my head.

It melts my heart watching Robert and Marie gently care for Leah as well as my husband and younger son who become weak in the knees when they hold and talk about Leah. They agree that she is incredible; their feelings are obvious and sweet.

A profound peace covers me like a soft blanket when I hold Sweet Pea. I adore this tiny, little girl with all my heart. Even though I never experienced the love of a grandparent, I have witnessed many that have. I hope I can be a kind, loving, respectful, helpful, fun Granny as Sweet Pea and I share the perfect love.

Peg Cushman hopes that Sweet Pea will call her Granny.

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