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Letter: Mass shootings will continue because of lawmakers’ paralysis

Mass shootings will continue because of lawmakers’ paralysis

I am stunned again after still another mass shooting in another high school. Not stunned that it happened, I’m convinced this will happen again and again throughout the fruited plain. What stuns me is the paralysis of lawmakers to ever ATTEMPT to legislatively respond. Oh yes, we hear about this being evil, a tragedy and the work of one crazy kid who so many want to blame for it all. We hear about investigations and prayers. After the smoke clears, still no action ever comes (remember bump stocks?). No politician will dare even hint that there is a weapon-access issue in this country, lest they incur the wrath of the NRA. It seems to me they value remaining in power far more than the painful terror, injury, death and lifetime trauma that is given to our children. And spare me the “right to bear arms” nonsense. This isn’t about the Second Amendment. It’s about kids dying horrible deaths and families never being the same. I would wager those who might be able to do something about the ease of weapons access issues won’t even watch the students escaping in single file or just running in sheer panic.

Shame on all of you. So prepare yourself, America, for the next one. And just pray to God he doesn’t come to your child’s school.

George McNally


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