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Letter: Many people conveniently ignore ‘well-regulated militia’ clause

Many people conveniently ignore ‘well-regulated militia’ clause

Politically speaking, it is inaccurate to refer to our country as “The United States of America.” Not since the Civil War has this country been more divided on so many fronts. Race, guns, and voting rights are three areas which have sharp divisions with lines of demarcation few have the desire to cross.

Today, the Second Amendment is front and center again; more deaths, more excuses. I have given up expecting any resolution between the two sides of this argument, however I feel it incumbent upon me to point out once again, to every sentient being, that a major clause of the Second Amendment continues to be summarily discounted as to its relevance to the Amendment.

When asked, a majority of Americans are not even aware that the existence of the clause “a well-regulated militia” sticks out like a matzo ball within the Second Amendment. It is rarely cited and mostly ignored, but central to the reasoning of the amendment in the first place. For proponents of unfettered armament possession, the right to bear arms is considered to be as inalienable as the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; even though the result of bearing those arms often intrudes on thousands of Americans’ lives, liberties, and their pursuit of happiness!

The reason the founders created the Second Amendment was not for hunting or collecting guns, but rather to ensure that nascent America was provided with a lasting national defense strong enough to prevent any foreign power from ever dominating her future again.

Unfortunately, our nascent Amendment has been prostituted by enemies from within, and America’s future is now dominated by the NRA and their warped view of freedom.

Robert Wegrzynowski


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