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Letter: Albany’s overfed ‘chefs’ are cooking up a ‘ziti tax’

Albany’s overfed ‘chefs’ are cooking up a ‘ziti tax’

As I paid my toll to cross the Grand Island bridge recently, dodging potholes along the way, I pass the illegal road sign that reads “I Love NY.” Sad thing is, I do. I live here, my family and friends are here. Yes, I have acclimated to our Buffalo weather but … I’m very tired of Albany. It smells!

It smells like our overfed Albany chefs are baking up a “ziti tax.” This new idea targets all businesses in New York State. It is spiced with double talk, payroll reduction and covered in a charities “revolving door for dollars,” scheme.

This proposed payroll tax would benefit our wealthy and, of course, our Albany chefs.

The recipe clearly is for those fortunate ones that feel a $10,000 deduction cap is not enough. As a small garden shop manager in Amherst (for over 30 years), I rightfully would be terminated for such behavior. But not our “Albany chefs.”

The current governor has $30 million plus in his war chest for re-election to a third term. His staff is showered with high paying power jobs, and life long benefits. Their “jail time” usually get postponed or pardoned by our justice system. Well, I am tired of it! Like so many of us taxpayers, I’m staying here with my family and friends. I’m going to do my best to vote these self-serving career politicians out!

This my friends is my payroll tax proposal. … It’s time to clean the kitchen! Vote them out!

Tom Maloney


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