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Letter: Trump isn’t fooling anyone; veterans know he’s a coward

Trump isn’t fooling anyone; veterans know he’s a coward

It’s amazing how brave the commander in chief is after the fact, and thousands of miles away. I’m sure the president would have rushed into the high school and confronted the active shooter even without a weapon. Unless those bone spurs acted up as they did in the ’60s.

In 1967, as a 19-year-old, the same age as Donald Trump, I and three of my buddies from Seneca Street joined the U.S. Marine Corps in October and were in Vietnam by April 1968. Yes, we rushed in, but Trump had his chance, and he chose to stay home with those dreaded bone spurs.

Another one who rushed in was Sen. John McCain, a true war hero, who Trump keeps taking cheap shots at, no pun intended. By no means are we who served on McCain’s level, but we are surely head and shoulders above that coward who sits in the White House and states how brave he would have been if he had the chance. Well, Donald, you had your chance and we know how you responded. You would have responded the same way on that horrific day in Florida as you did in the ’60s: as a no-show.

Phil Ryan

West Seneca

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