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Letter: Banning guns won’t work, so find another solution

Banning guns won’t work, so find another solution

Banning guns is a waste of time and effort. If assault-style guns are banned, a crazed shooter will simply choose a different gun. Maybe they’re psychotic, but they’re not stupid. Any big-game rifle can hit a small target at long range (100-plus yards). Even a single-shot rifle could be used by a sniper hidden 200 yards distant. Equipped with a suppressor, no one could hear the shots. What would a ban accomplish? Nothing.

The “D.C. Snipers” terrorized the entire Eastern corridor by killing their victims one at a time with single shots.

All center-fire cartridges are lethal, but the AR-15’s .223-cartridge has the least power of the 50 most common cartridges. Many states ban the .223 for big game because it lacks power.

Who would be tasked to confiscate millions of banned guns, the police? “The shots heard round the world” were fired in 1775 at 750 British troops trying to confiscate guns. It sparked the American Revolution. If you insist on banning guns, beware that history is not on your side. Like the Minutemen, today’s Americans will likely resist.

Some better ideas: Amend privacy laws so mental patients are flagged in background checks and blocked from buying guns. Medicare-For-All could provide troubled youths with the mental care they need.

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong,” said H.L. Mencken. Banning guns is a good example of that.

Bob Catalano


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