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Morinello wants daylight saving time put to bed

Some people can't stand the changeover from standard time to daylight saving time every year, and one of them is Assemblyman Angelo J. Morinello of Niagara Falls.

The Republican is sponsoring a bill to abolish the time change in New York. Morinello says we should choose one time pattern and stick to it year-round.

Florida's Legislature passed a bill last week to make daylight time permanent in the Sunshine State. Gov. Rick Scott is thinking about it. On the other hand, Arizona – except for Indian reservations – and Hawaii never use daylight time.

"Each time we face a time shift, I have constituents reaching out to me with complaints about their mental and physical health," Morinello said. "Studies have shown the detrimental effects caused by daylight savings, so it’s time that the Legislature acts on this important issue. "

In 2012, a study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham showed a 10 percent increase in heart attacks on the Monday and Tuesday after switching to daylight time.

In 2016, a study in Finland showed an 8 percent higher rate of stroke in the first week of daylight time than in the weeks before or after the clocks were set forward. But for those over age 65, the stroke risk rose 20 percent, and for cancer patients, it rose 25 percent. Researchers speculated that sleep deprivation was a possible cause of the findings.

"Think about it this way: They're forcing jet lag on us twice a year," Morinello said Monday, the first business day after the weekend switch to daylight time.

When he first introduced the bill last year, it was put to sleep in committee. He's trying again, although he admits it's been met with yawns by his colleagues, none of whom has stepped forward to co-sponsor the measure.

"No one wants to get involved," Morinello said.

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