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Letter: No American citizen needs to own weapons used in war

No American citizen needs to own weapons used in war

More guns is not the answer! I did not become a teacher to carry a gun; if I wanted that, I would have become a police officer. While there are many facets to a mass shooting, it cannot be accomplished so quickly and effectively without an assault rifle. It’s promising to see AR owners realizing this weapon has no place in our society because it has the capacity to end so many innocent lives so quickly. This is called common sense, and we need common-sense gun laws.

Unfortunately, many elected officials receive financial backing from the NRA. They are in their financial grip and refuse to make common-sense decisions. They see dollar signs before seeing death of innocent lives. This is not only about protecting schools. How quickly people forget about the mass shootings in Las Vegas, the Orlando nightclub and the movie theater in Colorado. The list continues. The only answer is to ban assault rifles. Please vote for officials who will protect everyone’s right to be safe.

Why should someone’s right to own an assault rifle be more important than every American’s right to be safe? If you really value your assault rifle more than innocent human life, join the military where these rifles belong. Please, enough is enough!

Lori Mundis


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