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Letter: Common sense is lacking in calls to restrict firearms

Common sense is lacking in calls to restrict firearms

In the wake of the recent school shooting in Florida, the Democrats, members of the mainstream media and gun control groups have launched an attack on the Second Amendment again.

I’m confused how they blame the gun before the mentally unstable shooter; the FBI, which had been tipped off twice; or the Sheriff’s Department, which had 39 calls from the shooter’s house prior to the shooting. Why don’t they blame the school resource officer who hid at the first shot rather than engaging the shooter? I’m confused how this same group blames the police officer who shoots a violent suspect while upholding our laws. This time, they blame the cop and not the gun?

I’m confused that one of their solutions is to raise the age of purchasing long guns to 21, because younger individuals are too immature to handle a weapon.

I’m confused that these same people pushing for this law have no problem with an immature girl having the right to terminate her unborn child.

I’m confused that we allow our finest young men and women to go to war in defense of our great country, but want to find them too immature to buy a long gun when they return.

I’m confused that we find teenagers too immature to handle a weapon, but then think that we should listen to them about existing laws and constitutional freedoms.

Then again, maybe we should just blame the Russians. I’m confused.

Ray Pawelczak


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