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Voice of the Fan: Loving and loathing Tyrod Taylor all at the same time

Tyrod Taylor was easily the most frustrating Buffalo Bill in the last 30 years. Maybe ever. 

And chances are that I liked him more than you.

Sports in general, football especially, our team in particular, and even more so when you are a made man in the #BillsMafia, are all about Star Wars. 

Good versus Evil. Us versus Them. David and Goliath. Big City versus small town. Winning and losing. 

But nothing more than Hate and Love. 

We unabashedly, unconditionally, absolutely love the Bills. We hate the Patriots and Dolphins with almost equal passion. And we'd hate the Jets just as much if they were any good or any threat.  

We want to truly love our players. Our Buffalo guys. Our blue-collar guys. It's not even any fun to be lukewarm about Luke Tasker. There is no end game to be wishy-washy about a player on the Bills, because then you don't even have an unqualified opinion on whether we should re-sign, trade, keep, or cut him.

There is nothing a fan can possibly do with a Leonard Johnson. And I like Leonard Johnson. 

It was impossible to love Tyrod Taylor, and even more impossible to hate him, if that's even possible. 

And that sucks as a fan because you lust for one or the other. Guys are truly great or trade bait. Studs or stink. Keepers or cut hims. Swipe left or right. 

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Sure, many Bills fans thought Tyrod was bad, or even terrible, but they were hard pressed to play the hate card. 

And it was more than Tyrod being a standup guy, irrefutable role model, first one in and last one out, overachiever, great teammate and leader, Sean McDermott Eagle Scout poster boy, snazzy dresser, and almost complete lack of public cockiness even though it's impossible to be an NFL quarterback without an ego the size of Kyle Williams' gut. 

Although Tyrod was all that and more.

He came from nowhere, cost little, made outrageous highlight reel plays, tried his little ass off. He was our Russell Wilson lite. 

Tyrod was really good, he just wasn't really good enough. 

And that's why he is the most frustrating player in recent memory and perhaps team history. 

Players are also unbearably frustrating when you can find statistics that support that he was great, very good, good, average, below average and he sucked. You shouldn't be able to do that with any player ever. But you mostly could with Tyrod Taylor. 

He wasn't The Goat or A Goat. And for a fan that gets your goat. 

Tyrod isn't big or bigger than life. Wasn't a shining, shooting or superstar. He isn't nosy or mouthy. He wore a crappy number in a great looking jersey. He has a Super Bowl ring but never played in one. Has a gun but not a cannon. He didn't run over sobering defenders in the secondary or drunk Canadians on Chippewa. 

He said "each and every day," each and every day, and twice on Sundays. 

Tyrod really didn't even win or lose games. Hence he was the most frustrating player to Bills fans ever. And now we need two not-so-frustrating quarterbacks. A solid starter and solid backup. 

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Nate Peterman is not long for this great uniform, either, much to the glee of the huge fan base and chagrin of the small fan club. 

The Bills are sure to obtain a veteran quarterback, sure to draft a rookie high (top 65), and all but sure to keep two quarterbacks on the 2018 roster, neither of which will sport Peterman on the back of his jersey. 

There is no need to develop a second young guy with less potential than your new young guy. 

But the Tyrod tenure is over, as is his MFP career here. I, for one, am going to miss him. And unfortunately, the team, the city, the franchise, his teammates and the locker room are going to miss him more than most fans. 

Although chances are, you will, too. 

Sure, you will categorically deny it now. You're probably thrilled we got a decent draft pick. But you will miss him when you see our next two quarterbacks unable to escape consistent jailbreak pass rushes with ease. Unless our offensive line improves dramatically overnight. 

We don't need Derek Carr, we need David Copperfield. 

So thank you, Tyrod. From this fan. You helped break the drought. You did the city proud. You could not have been a better model or citizen.

Best of luck to you, you will need it in the factory of sadness. Although I may even draft Josh Gordon in fantasy next year. 

Thanks for everything and thanks for nothing, Mr. Taylor. Goodbye and good riddance. You lovable and loathsome, fabulous and frustrating, son of God and son of a gun. 

Pete Rosen is a screenwriter in Los Angeles, lifetime Buffalo fan, and may be found blathering daily at

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