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Letter: Today’s young people are tomorrow’s voters

Today’s young people are tomorrow’s voters

For the past two weeks, the country has watched as high school students have managed to achieve what has so far eluded adult leadership throughout the nation: Keeping our attention on the issue of gun control beyond the typical news cycle, and, more importantly, giving us a reason to believe that reform can happen.

According to, there are an average 34 gun murders and 59 gun suicides in the United States each day. For children and youth, firearm homicide is the second leading cause of death.

Despite this, we have become accustomed to political leaders throughout the country responding to gun violence with an abundance of thoughts and prayers, but a lack of will or inclination to fight for change.

But the students will not relent. The young people leading the discussion on gun violence and its inevitable solution, gun control, have spoken out at the White House, in town hall meetings and through discussions on news and social media. Students throughout the country have participated in peaceful protests. They have taken hold of this issue, and they refuse to yield to the self-defeating rhetoric of their adult counterparts.

Lawmakers throughout the country should take notice: Today’s youth are tomorrow’s voters. This generation will not settle for the status quo, which, in the words of Parkland high school senior Emma Gonzalez, they call “BS.”

Alyssa Bergsten


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