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Letter: Great majority of priests have never harmed a soul

Great majority of priests have never harmed a soul

All are shocked at news of even one priest abusing a child. That shock is compounded by The News’ careful research and listing of 19 priests accused of abuse. I am equally shocked by the lack of compassion for the hundreds of priests who have served my church with sacrifice, love and devotion without any hint of wrongdoing.

Next month marks my 83rd year as a Catholic in this diocese. I have been active in my church and have volunteered most of my life and I have never met or even heard of a priest abusing anyone.

Judith Burns-Quinn’s unsubstantiated claim that the number of priests guilty of abuse is double or triple the number reported is simply her speculation based upon her unscientific sample.

Reporting that speculation places every priest in the Buffalo Catholic Diocese under suspicion of participating in abuse. How unfair that is to so many good men who have given their lives to be our spiritual solace in our good times and in our bad times.

Thomas R. Beecher Jr.


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