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Letter: Acupuncture was a big help during treatment for cancer

Acupuncture was a big help during treatment for cancer

I was thrilled to hear that Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center has instituted the practice of acupuncture since most major cancer centers and other hospitals have been offering this service for years. I was surprised and disheartened to read the reaction of a recent letter writer.

While I do not have a medical background, I can report firsthand that acupuncture had a major impact on the last year of my husband’s life. While undergoing chemotherapy for metastasized prostate cancer, which he knew would never go into remission, he received acupuncture on a weekly basis.

He was never given any promises of a cure, but what he was given with acupuncture were peace of mind (his words) and minimal side effects from the chemo. The doctors at Roswell Park were in disbelief that he never experienced nausea based on what he was receiving.

I can also add that upon learning of my husband’s diagnosis, I, too, started receiving acupuncture (and continue to do so) and I’m convinced that without it I would never have been able to give my husband the support and balance he needed while we lived our one-year nightmare.

No treatment was going to cure my husband. But what’s wrong with doing something that made the last days of his life more tranquil and comfortable?

Linda B. Grant


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