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Letter: Trump adores Putin, condemns Americans

Trump adores Putin, condemns Americans

The fact that President Trump has not spoken out condemning Russian attacks against our democratic system speaks volumes. So does the fact that he has not publicly criticized Vladimir Putin and the Russian government, ignoring his own intelligence agencies’ warnings.

Perhaps it is because he is too preoccupied with attacking American citizens. He would prefer to blast “enemies” like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Jeff Sessions, Jim Comey, the free press and anyone else who disagrees with him. Any real president would have spoken directly to the American people and mobilized the nation, assuring us that our government would do everything possible to protect our country and its democratic institutions. So far he has not ordered our intelligence agencies to take any specific actions against Russia or implement additional sanctions that Congress overwhelmingly approved.

One can only conclude that this president is woefully ignorant, or totally incompetent, or that Putin and the Russians (our real adversaries) have something serious on him that he does not want us to know.

Ray Hohl


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