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Letter: How could we have elected such a liar to presidency?

How could we have elected such a liar to presidency?

History books tell us that a certain French emperor, around 1790, had a dictum stating: “If you want to get on in this world, make many promises, but do not keep them.” History further tells us that a German fuhrer, from 1934 to 1945, added his own axiom: “Any lie, if big enough and told often enough, will be believed.”

Today, we have our own big-shot guy, one who blabbers out untruths as easily as taking a breath. When he subjects us to his next lie, in five minutes or so, stop and ask yourself how dumb and gullible we need to be to believe we are hearing the truth. I mean really, how can so many of us be so clueless? If our liar-in-chief decides to tweet and tell us that the earth is flat one day, that won’t make it so, people.

I hate having a president afflicted with megalomania. Next time around, let’s do a better job of selecting the person responsible for leading the free world.

Bill Meetze


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