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Letter: We must keep striving for ‘more perfect union’

We must keep striving for ‘more perfect union’

As I while away my final years looking for a perfect world, I had to take heart in the words of contributors to Everybody’s Column in the Feb. 22 Buffalo News (George Washington’s birthday).

Kudos to the writer from Buffalo on a “more perfect union,” the writer from Wheatfield on the time to discuss gun control, the writer from Sanborn on political gifts and the writer from Eden with respect to the assault rifle issue. They all touched on the thoughts I’ve had, and I trust a lot of other people have had, as a path to a more perfect union.

The actions of the youth and parents after the Florida shootings has given rise to the hope that a new wave of fresh ideas will step forward to help create our more perfect union, of the people, by the people and for the people. That’s all the people, not just a select few.

And finally, kudos to Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington for standing up to President Trump and demanding no more tweets and more action. Maybe if the rest of the people we’ve put in office to govern our country would shut this dictator down, we might just have a “more perfect union.” It sure would be better than what we’re suffering through now. I pray there is time to reach this goal in my final years.

Frank Maddock


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