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Letter: Arming our educators is definitely not the answer

Arming our educators is definitely not the answer

Just a little humor (or is it?) to add to the conversation about arming teachers. The president should rethink this idea that is quickly becoming more than a notion, through conversations across America. Sometimes teachers have “bad” days, and I don’t want parents to receive the call that their child isn’t coming home because the teacher had “enough” of the child’s negative behavior, disrespect, insubordination, etc., and just pulled the trigger. As an educator, who often spends more time during any given school day tackling discipline issues than teaching, I’ve never gone to that edge, but I admit to times when I’ve mourned the days of the Catholic school’s paddle.

School shootings weren’t something that we even considered pre-Columbine (April 20, 1999), and we then believed that would be an isolated event. We now discover the continuous repetition of that tragedy, which has caused active shooter training to become an essential component of the educator’s lesson plans and general curriculum.

Mental health of the entire academic community, including administrators, faculty, staff, parents and students, must not be overlooked. The stress level of raising children is probably at an all-time high, across all sectors involved. We, as teachers, are trying to increase their knowledge and send every child home with the encouragement that tomorrow will be even better than today, and that they’re safe enough to know that we will “see you tomorrow.”

Yes, greater restrictions must be placed on the availability of guns, but the deranged mind will find a way to carry out its demons’ missions, trigger or not. Putting guns in teachers’ hands is definitely not my answer. Just some thoughts – peace and love!

Jennifer Strickland


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