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Letter: When will Collins start doing his job?

When will Collins start doing his job?

As usual, Rep. Chris Collins is too busy to deal with the actual issues of the day. I wrote him on Feb. 7 and solicited his position on several issues. Here are the three questions I asked:

Federal revenues are decreasing, driving up the deficit beyond initial projections. Given this expanding deficit, will you continue to support the Medicare program in its existing form for parts A, B and D, with identical scope of benefits and eligibility?

You voted for the sanctions on the Russian government, which passed with large majorities in the House and Senate. What is your view of the limited sanctions implemented by President Trump?

Recent reports suggest that the Kremlin funneled contributions to the Trump/Republican campaign through the National Rifle Association. Is this OK?

On Feb. 16, I got a form email response thanking me for the communication and promising a response “shortly.” As of Feb. 23, almost three weeks later, Collins has not provided an answer. Here we go again. Chris Collins, you work for us. How about you do your job?

Jim Roistacher


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