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Letter: Trump fans support a despicable person

Trump fans support a despicable person

Another Trump defender via Everybody’s Column says Democrats don’t understand why President Trump was elected. Actually, we do.

Members of the Republican middle class thought they had a leader who understood their needs, promised real economic reform and talked refreshingly without political correctness. He promised, literally, that only he could solve their problems. Certainly, Democrats couldn’t.

The real reason he was elected was because he lied. He lied during the campaign and since he was elected. He lies every time he speaks. Early on, he took credit for jobs where he had no input and for jobs that disappeared less than a year later. You believed him. President Barack Obama’s job creation record is still better. Trump took credit for a rising stock market at his State of the Union while the stock market started to dive and still is. You believed him. Your 401(k)s are subject to the same vacillations. Obama’s record is still better.

Contrary to Trump’s hype, there is no evidence that immigrants have any significant effect on job loss, incoming terrorists and criminals. You believed him.

Obama’s eight years were the slowest economic recovery since World War II because he inherited the greatest economic recession. He fought to accelerate President George W. Bush’s plan to successfully heal the economy despite severe criticism from the Republican Party. It was slow but it avoided another Great Depression.

Trump ignores political correctness? He ignores human civility. It gives him the opportunity to degrade and humiliate critics and their families, calling them childish names or with slanderous innuendo. You applaud him.

Sorry, but putting it all together and using my words carefully, you have put your faith in a despicable human being. He is tearing down the country, but your faith in his lies won’t allow you to see it.

Charles Friedmann


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