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Letter: Students who don’t fit in need kindness, compassion

Students who don’t fit in need kindness, compassion

As a gun owner from the age of 14 till now, age 77, I am horrified by the school shootings, past and present. I think students and schools should look at what may help create these shooters.

I’ve noticed over the years that students have created their own “class systems” and “caste systems.” The haves and the have-nots, the jocks and the nerds, the pretty and the not so pretty, the smart and the not so smart, and, on the bottom, the untouchables who get the smirks, giggles, stares and the bullying.

Mental health aside, it creates an outcast who is so removed from the student body that he feels a need for revenge. Clean your own house first; try tolerance compassion and kindness. Do not help to make killers.

Paul Wypior


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