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Letter: Plethora of letters inspires feeling of schadenfreude

Plethora of letters inspires feeling of schadenfreude

The wailing and gnashing of teeth as evidenced by the plethora of letters to the editor, which resulted from the election of President Trump has caused me and many others I suspect to experience “schadenfreude.” This is a German word which, loosely translated means to take pleasure in someone else’s discomfort.

Whether you like the man is not the point. The fact is he recognizes the need to undo the damage which has been done to our distinctly American culture by those, largely on the left, who hate the fact that this country is rich and the preeminent superpower in the world.

To those who believe in the pop psychology drivel of the ’60s, it’s not fair that we have much and others have less. In typical leftist fashion the solution is not to try to have others achieve what we have achieved but rather tear down the country so as to “bring it back to the pack,” a strategy on full display by Barack Obama, Madeline Albright, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, et al.

So now that it has become necessary to actually advocate for the American way of life in America, to all those who just can’t stand it, I say schadenfreude!

Joseph P. Brignone


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